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June 1 Rock Mining

Mining is a very important industry. Mining is a way of collecting rocks that humans use for so many reasons! In this lesson, you are trying to get the "minerals" out of a chocolate chip cookies. Use toothpicks to carefully get your "Minerals" or chocolate chips out. Calculate the number of minerals collected on the assignment sheet. Have fun ROCKHOUNDS.

rocks cookie mining 2020.pdf

May 25 3 Types of Rocks

3 Different Types of Rocks

3 Types of Rocks Assignment.pdf

3 Types of Rocks Reading.pdf

May 18 What is a Rock and Mineral?

 What is a Rock and Mineral?

In this lesson you will explore the difference between a rock and a mineral using items in your house. 


Assignment Lesson 2 Rocks and Minerals.pdf

May 11

Rocks and Minerals NEW UNIT ALERT

This is our first lesson on Rocks and Minerals. Let's go outside and explore rocks. 

In this assignment, I am asking for you to head outside and explore rocks in your own yard and community. Please notice things like colour, shape, size and texture. Then fill in the sheet with your words, pictures, drawings that show what you saw. Have fun EXPLORING! 

Rock Walk Observation Sheet Lesson 1.docx