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Social Studies

June 1

People of the Prairie: The Metis

Who are the Metis?


The Métis sash:

Métis symbols:

Métis culture:

Sash craft:

In this lesson, I am asking you choose from the following. Please take a picture and send it to me:

  • Make bannock
  • Make a Red River Cart
  • Make a sash
  • Record yourself doing a traditional dance such as a jig or square dance
  • Other. As long as it connects with our Metis theme.



May 25 People of the Prairie: Plains Indigenous People

People of the Prairies were made up 3 main groups: Plains Indigenous, Metis and Pioneers. We will explore the Plains Indigenous People First. Please watch the attached video and either research the bison or create a tipi!! 

Bison Video about Plains First Nations

Buffalo Fact Sheet Activity.pdf 

Tipi Art Lesson.PNG

Tipi Sheet Lesson 2.pdf

Bison Sheet Lesson 2.pdf

May 18 What is a Prairie?

In this lesson, we explore the habitat where we live: The Prairies! Please watch the following videos and fill in the research sheet.  What is a Prairie?


What is a Prairie Lesson 1.docx

May 11 Farewell Government and HELLO to "People of the Prairies."

We start our learning about MANITOBA with a celebration of "MANITOBA DAY," which is on May 12th! Please explore Manitoba from long ago and compare it to today! Check out this assignment with videos of Manitoba from long ago! So cool! I am also attaching a Flag of Manitoba! Enjoy!

Manitoba Day May 12 Assignment.docx

Flag of Manitoba.pdf