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Important dates

Mar. 18 - No Classes

Mar. 23 - Parent conferences in the evening

Mar. 24 - No Classes in the afternoon/parent conferences

Mar. 25 - No Classes


The story of a lone robot



Math flash cards

1. Do not cut out or draw on flash card papers.

2. Start practising from 1 to 10, memorizing one page at a time.

3. Once one page has been memorized without any mistakes, sign the bottom right of the paper and have it returned to me.

4. When I receive a signed paper, I will quiz the student that same day.

-If the student said all the facts without mistakes, I will put a check beside your signature and then that paper can go home to be cut out.

-If all facts were not memorized properly, there will be an "x" beside the signature which means that the student will need to continue practising that paper.

5. Once all papers have been memorized, you should continue to practise the flash cards in the form of a game at least once a week.

*You can buy cut out flash cards at a dollar store or at Costco if you wish to have those available to you from the start.


Math Monthly Goals

​October Addition​January Subtraction
Addition facts 1-20.

Adding up to 20 using pictures and tallies.

Count forwards and backwards using 5.

Count forwards and backwards using 2 and 10 starting from any number up to 100.

Organize numbers from smallest to biggest.

Understand the difference between odd and even numbers.




At the end of every week students will bring their green T.W.A.S duotang home.  Ask your child to read out loud what they did at school this week. After dicussing their week at school, please initial at the bottom of the paper and return the duotang for the start of the following week.

If words are underlined without any correction, please erase to make sure the printing and spelling is done correctly.

If it did not go home completed, what was written for this week will be put on the webpage and it must be finished as homework.

February 26, 2016


With math we reviewed our three strategies for subtraction.


In science we learned how animals use camouflage.


We had someone present a great grey owl and a bull snake.


In art we made bears using different materials and textures.


We are working on our good copy of "Be Quiet, Pooh" in English.



​4 - Spelling #4

12 - Dictée #3

18 - Spelling #6

25 - Dictée #4

​2 - Spelling #7

9 - Dictée #5

​6 - Spelling #8

13 - Dictée #6

20 - Spelling #9

27 - Dictée #7

​3 - Spelling #10

10 - Dictée #8

17 - Spelling #11

24 - Dictée #9

​2 - Spelling #12

9- Dictée #10

16- Spelling #13

23- Dictée #11


English spelling and french spelling (dictée) will rotate every wednesday.

Every thursday students will practise their spelling or dictée at school to prepare for the following quiz.  Students will practise on the left side of their spelling or dictée scribbler and quizzes will always be on the right side of the scribbler.

When spelling or dictée scribblers go home, they must always be returned on the tuesday.



Day 1​​Day 2​​Day 3​​Day 4​​Day 5​Day 6



​Phys. Ed


​Phys. Ed



Phys. Ed




Phys. Ed


Parent pay is a new option that is available to parents, for more information use the following link. https://parentpay.scholastic.ca/pay

The other option is to send your order form with a cheque. Cash will not be accepted.

Orders are due two weeks after they have been received, usually by the third friday of the month.

Orders are always sent out the week they have been received on the friday.

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