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There are two sections below: 

1) Activities arranged by subject area

2) Lists of free educational websites, activities and links to websites with other e-learning opportunities.


1) Activities by subject area

ELA and FLA - reading books & writing stories or journals, listening to stories on Tumblebooks (click on the Library Services link on the Home page to access)

Scholastics Daily Lessons

Scholastics letter.pngLearning A-Z.png


Math - playing math games, playing Prodigy

60+ Math Websites

The following pdf and word files are math games that we have played in class. Feel free to make up your own games using these resources too.


tableau de 1 a 100.pdf







Science - activities

- Build structures with different building materials. Are some materials better than others for certain kinds of structures? Can you make a structure stronger? How? 

- Go for a walk and look at structures. What shapes do you see in natural structures? Man made structures? Which shapes do you think are the strongest?


Social Studies - We have been studying communities in Room 12. Here is a list of activities that will complement and extend what we have been learning.

1. Learn how to prepare simple meals. 

2. Learn the best way to clean all the different surfaces in your house. 

3. Call or email neighbours over the age of 60 and others who are vulnerable, offer to walk their dogs, do spring yard work, or wash their cars. 

4. Take time to colour pictures, read stories, and play simple board games with younger siblings. 

5. Take a walk around the neighbourhood and collect litter. 

6. Call your grandparents and other older friends or relatives each day just to check in on them and visit for a few minutes. 

7. Write a letter to a friend or relative. Address the envelope yourself.

8. Clean your room and do all the other chores you avoid just to take things off the mind of your parents in this stressful time. 

9. Be creative with other ideas and come back to school ready to share how you learned to be a better citizen this semester.

Music - This is a link to Mme Dufault's website. 


2) Free Websites and e-learning opportunities

Ed free websites.pngFree Ed Sites.pngFun and Free.png


Virtual Museum Tours     * Opera   *  Cosmic Kids Yoga

Go Noodle   * Head-space for Kids