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Graphic Communication
Arthur Day Middle School 
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Welcome to the Graphic Communication Website 

You will find course assignments by clicking on your class header example "AD - Grade 7 AB".

Please read each assignment careful, if you are unclear on the instructions please contact me at joliver@retsd.mb.ca

Try your best to work through the assignments from the ones listed in your class. 

Note: TinkerCad Assignments need be done in order, as they build on each other. 

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Folder: Storyboards 101_102
3/18/2020 2:13 PMJason Oliver
CCC 9 - TinkerCad Assignments.pdf
3/18/2020 2:06 PMJason Oliver
11/29/2017 1:37 PMJason Oliver
Mission Impossible PSE.wmv
2/3/2016 12:55 PMJason Oliver
PSE - Cloning.wmv
10/5/2015 12:52 PMJason Oliver
PSE - Print a Contact Sheet.wmv
10/5/2015 12:53 PMJason Oliver
PSE - Take a Vacation.wmv
1/5/2016 9:49 AMJason Oliver
PSE Create a Catalogue.wmv
9/25/2015 1:23 PMJason Oliver
PSE Levitation.wmv
2/22/2016 1:53 PMJason Oliver
PSE Project 1 - Funny.wmv
9/25/2015 1:23 PMJason Oliver
PUB Name Tag.wmv
9/25/2015 1:40 PMJason Oliver
11/29/2017 1:38 PMJason Oliver