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Welcome to my teacher website, and the band information web page. I am the instrumental band education specialist at Arthur Day Middle School.

Students may choose to enter the band program in Grade 6, with the options being either Art or Band. Entry at the Grade 7 and 8 level is restricted to new/transferring students from out-of-catchment. Students are required to rent their own instruments and practice regularly. As part of a sequential curriculum, students develop their musical fundamentals through classroom instruction and required home practice. These fundamentals include aural perception, instrument technique and music literacy. This year, the grade 8 band will be entered to perform at the Winnipeg Optimist Festival in February, and the grade 7 concert band in April. We are currently trying to once again start a jazz band program at Arthur Day middle school. To participate in the jazz band, students must first know how to perform on their chosen instrument and be confident with their music literacy.

I will be using the Announcement area for posting information about upcoming concert events or special projects. The Featured Links will direct you to other places on the web that students in my classroom are encouraged to visit and participate.

Please feel free to contact me at: pgraham@retsd.mb.ca or 204.958.6522.

Below are links to the Manitoba Band Association and SmartMusic. Manitoba is fortunate to have one of the best Provinces for music education, and support for music programs in the country. There are numerous additional enrichment activities throughout the year that your child could also choose to participate in, and most are supported and run by the Manitoba Band Association and their members.

The SmartMusic software program is a great music tool for kids learning to play an instrument, and all band students will have music in their band classes that they can play along with, including their entire method book. This software allows students to play along with music accompaniment on the computer, and allows them more interesting practice time. With a microphone, it also instant feed back assessment on their performance. While it is not a requirement to have a microphone to use this software, it is recommended. This does not have to be a special instrument microphone, just a regular one that plugs into your computer sound card. Most songs are able to be played with assessment, and the computer then determines if the notes and rhythms are being played correctly and displays that instantly on the computer screen. There are demonstrations on this web site to explain the software and features. If interested, parents can download this program and get a one year subscription for a student rate of $40 U.S.  Please be advised that if ordering the installation disk or any additional supplies such as a microphone from this company, U.S .shipping charges will also apply.


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