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Quelques sites Internet se rapportant aux plantes




When to plant and seeds you need (you need a USA zip code - I used ND Tourism 58502) : http://sproutrobot.com/

Le lexique d’ArboNet http://arbonet.ekko.org/lexique/lexique.php


Great Plants Escape: Students help Bud, Sprout, and Detective LePlant learn about plants by finding clues, doing experiments, and solving problems. http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/gpe/

Plant Parts: The Great Plant Escape - Case #1 is a fun and colourful place to go to learn about the life cycle of a plant or to find out about the structure and function of plants. http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/gpe/case1/c1facts2a.html

Cool Facts about Trees: This site has simple text with a wide variety of ways in which trees are used. http://www.ed.uri.edu/RIProj/facts.html

Explore the Prairie: Explore the seasons on the prairie through QuickTime Virtual Reality panoramas. http://www.bellmuseum.org/distancelearning/prairie/experience.html

Images, photos, textes sur plus de 500 plantes. http://www.cstrois-lacs.qc.ca/arbonet/ :