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Metal Fabrication at Murdoch

Including, but not limited to: Metal Fabrication!




Intro to Metals

Intermediate Lathe

Milling and Grinding

Advanced Lathe

CNC Machining

Applied Machining





The Metal Fabrication Program is accredited by the Department of Education and students who meet the requirements of the Red Seal Program will be eligible to write the 1st level Red Seal Machinist Apprenticeship status upon graduation. Students are also eligible to test for their CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) tickets.


The philosophy of the program is that if you can dream it, you can design it and manufacture it.

Students will be:

  • Provided with training on machine tools such as engine lathes, milling machines, surface grinders, band saws, drilling machines, shears, brakes, bending machines, and various welding processes including oxy-acetylene welding, electric arc welding, Metal Inert Gas (M.I.G.) and Tungsten Inert Gas (T.I.G.) welding. Instruction in blue-print reading, drafting, practical mathematics & measuring tools are taught in all courses
  • Provided with the skills and knowledge necessary to establish a career in the Manufacturing industries, whether it is welding, machining, or aerospace
  • Learn skills that are transferable to many career choices within the industries
  • Encouraged to enter the Skills Manitoba competition in both machining and welding

On completion of the program, students will be well prepared for direct entry into the workforce or for further study at University or community college.

Required supplies: 

  • Casio FX 260 Scientific calculator recommended for grade 10, 11, and 12
  • Clear safety glasses and CSA approved footwear.






Exploring Technical Education                                                                                    


Includes:  Introduction to Metals 15S & Introduction to Automotive Technology 15S     

These are introductory courses intended for students wishing to sample both Metal Fabrication and Automotive Technology.  The emphasis is on hands-on activities.  Students are introduced to safety, hand tools and equipment specific to each area.  Drill presses, welding procedures, along with automotive systems and service procedures will be introduced.



Intermediate Lathe 30S

Prerequisite:  Open to all MMCI students (must be taken with Milling and Grinding 30S)           

This basic machining course will provide training on the safe and effective use of the horizontal lathe.  Students will perform procedures for turning, form turning and grooving.

Milling and Grinding 30S

Prerequisite:  Open to all MMCI students (must be taken with Intermediate Lathe 30S)                

The safe and effective use of the vertical milling machine.  Includes an introduction to milling machine set ups, measuring tools, and the vertical mill.  This course will also introduce the vertical CNC machine.


Introduction to Welding 10S

Prerequisite:  Open to all MMCI students                                        

Oxy-acetylene cutting and welding are instructed, along with Gas Metal Arc Welding, Shielded Metal Arc Welding and plasma cutting.

Metal Art Design 30S                               

Prerequisite: Introduction to Welding 10S, Advanced Lathe 30S, Milling and Grinding 30S

CNC plasmacam software is introduced to students, along with power-slip rollers, tubing and pipe bender and brake are also instructed on.

Advanced Lathe 30S                            

Prerequisite: Intermediate Lathe 30S

Single point threading, taper turning, boring, machining between centres, alignment of lathe centres and machining in a four jaw chuck are introduced.




Applied Welding 40S                         

Prerequisite: Open to full time Metal Fabrication students only.

This applied welding course will provide training on career research and resume writing.  A major practical assignment will be completed by the student. (Machining or welding) The student will use the skills obtained in previous courses and apply them to their final practical project.

Projects and Testing 40S                   

Prerequisite: Open to full time Metal Fabrication students only.

Students practice for and test for their Canadian Welding Bureau tickets, and work on various projects with the skills obtained from the previous courses. Blueprint reading and welding symbols are introduced to students.

CNC Machining 40S                          

Prerequisite: Milling and Grinding 30S, Advanced Lathe 30S

Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) equipment. The Cartesian Co-ordinate system and basic programming of CNC equipment manually and using CAD/CAM software are introduced.

Applied Machining Technology 40S  (course code 8857) – replaces Advanced CNC Machining.

Prerequisite: Open to full time Metal Fabrication students only.

Topics covered will include:  rigging, thread and tool repair, and students will get to manufacture a student initiated project using skills obtained over the course of the program.




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