K. Schroeder
creating student success
​​​​​​​Karl Schroeder​
Physical and Health Education, Sport Psychology
Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, Golf Coach


Welcome to my teacher website. Here you will find information pertaining to the classes I teach, grade nine (10F), grade ten (20F), eleven (30F), and twelve (40F) Physical Education and Sport Psychology (30G). The Physical Education and Health Department at Miles Macdonell Collegiate believe in providing appropriate programming, differentiated instruction and assessment for our entire student population.  Our team works hard to promote physically active and healthy lifestyles for all of our students, delivering a program that allows for personal development: physically, socially, and emotionally.  Students who have a special interest in sport are offered a wide variety of highly competitive interschool athletics with highly competent coaching.  For more information on the interschool athletics at Miles Macdonell Collegiate, please visit the "athletics" page.


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