E. Seggewiss
creating student success

Summer Holidays 2007 147.jpgErich Seggewiss​


​Grades 6-8

Arthur Day Middle School

Manufacturing is the transformation of materials into products to meet human needs and wants. In the manufacturing process, natural and recycled resources such as wood, metal, and plastic are transformed into organized and useful products. A fundamental aspect of these programs is the use and/or creation of design plans to add value to raw materials. Woodwork, metalwork, and plastics projects provide students with opportunities to acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to plan, design, build, and evaluate projects using instruments, tools, equipment, and machinery related to these materials. We also incorporate a number of 'tech-ed' activities into the courses to develop the use of problem-solving skills.

This site can be accessed to review project plans, safety documents, as well as any announcements that may pertain to my courses. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me by phone at 204-958-6522 or by email at eseggewiss@retsd.mb.ca.


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