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Welcome Back...Kinda

April 06, 2020
​I hope you all had a good spring break and are ready to figure out this new way of learning from home. I will update the site on Mondays with activities. If you have any questions, don't forget to email me at eseggewiss@retsd.mb.ca

Printing Work

March 19, 2020
​If you have internet access to view the material, you do not need to print or have anything printed. If a document is not able to be filled out online, you can just use a piece of paper to complete it.

Learning From Home

March 18, 2020
​Activities and resource links will be updated weekly on Mondays.

Grade 6 and 7 Students Bring a POP BOTTLE!!!

October 09, 2015
​We will be starting our bottle rocket project when we complete our current project, so you need to bring a pop bottle that is between 500mL and 700mL in size. It needs to be a pop bottle so that we can pressurize the bottle to launch it. The only exception are...