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Mr. D. Smith​

​Grade 9 Mathematics (10F)

Grade 9 Information and Communication Technology (AICT)

Grade 9 Lifeworks Exploration

Welcome to my website!  It is my belief that education should be a hands on learning experience and I try as much as possible to immerse the students in what they are learning. I also make a conscious effort to try to relate all my content and skills to everyday life and practical situations. Technology understanding and application is a 21st century skill, so I try my best to regularly integrate it into my lessons.  

If you have any concerns or questions throughout the year please feel free to contact me. I may be reached by phone at (204) 338-4611 ext. 4454, or by email at dsmith@retsd.mb.ca


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Math in RETSD.pdf
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Math prerequisites at the University of Manitoba.pdf
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