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Mollie Kaatz​

​Grade 8 Math and Health

 As the only Grade 8 math teacher, I have the privelege of teaching all of the students at this level.  It is my goal to walk each child through their math learning and be able to teach them tricks and tools that will simplify the process.  As a new member of the TELP initiative, I am excited about the addition of 5 new iPads to our classroom.   We will be working with technology as a regular part of our learning, where I am certain the students will have plenty to teach me. I am using REMIND as a means to communicate with both students and teachers.  In this app, I will keep everyone informed with upcoming tests and due dates as well as keep parents up to date with the learning that is taking place in our classroom.  It is going to be an exciting year as we help the students grow in their math understanding as well as prepare them for them for their time in high school.



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Math Test Review For Square Roots.docx
10/9/2015 2:12 PMMollie Kaatz
Math Test Review Square Roots.docx
10/9/2015 2:12 PMMollie Kaatz


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