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Please read on for links to performing groups, announcements and documents that you may need over the course of the year.

Welcome to the new school year! There have been many questions about our schedules and we'll have answers starting the week of August 30. Please email me if you need anything.



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Folder: Chicago Music Tour
9/7/2018 12:44 PMDaniel Steinhilber
Folder: Choral Workshop
11/20/2019 8:21 PMDaniel Steinhilber
Folder: Course Outlines
9/6/2017 3:33 PMDaniel Steinhilber
Folder: Final Concert Band Project
5/17/2017 9:53 AMDaniel Steinhilber
Folder: Final Jazz Band Project
5/17/2017 9:53 AMDaniel Steinhilber
Folder: Fundraising
2/16/2017 1:47 PMDaniel Steinhilber
Folder: Jazz Tracks and Worksheets
3/6/2017 12:44 PMDaniel Steinhilber
Folder: Music Parents Meeting Minutes and Other Docs
11/13/2017 4:08 PMDaniel Steinhilber
Folder: MusicFest Calgary
10/21/2019 9:17 PMDaniel Steinhilber
Folder: Nutimik
2/3/2017 10:49 AMDaniel Steinhilber
Folder: Repertoire Links
12/22/2017 10:40 AMDaniel Steinhilber
2016.06.10 - TCI Music Parents Association Constitution.pdf
6/10/2016 1:57 PMDaniel Steinhilber
Concert Evaluation Form.pdf
10/19/2015 9:11 AMDaniel Steinhilber
Transfer of Student Account Funds Form - 2016.06.03.pdf
6/10/2016 1:58 PMDaniel Steinhilber


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