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April 08, 2020
​ Bonjour, families!
I hope you are doing well. Here is some information about music programming for the foreseeable future:
1 Any assignments, activities, etc will be posted in your child’s Teams; under their Musique class. Music separately listed from their other subjects. I will also be using Teams...

5e annee / Grade 5- Remote Learning Activities

March 20, 2020
​Please find the attached pdf for our FI Grade 5 classes. Enjoy!
Captain America 2.JPG

Captain America Saves the Day!

November 06, 2015
This morning we had TWO special guests in our classroom- Mr. Beauchamp and Mr. Osiowy! They came to our room because we had something special to share with them- our very first class book that we wrote together! It's called "Captain America Saves the Day." Mr. Beauchamp and Mr. Osiowy really...
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Math Tip

October 09, 2015
A great activity to do with your child is to skip count by 2s, 5s, 10s. Skip Counting is extremely important to develop as it is a precursor for multiplication (and it gets you to add really quickly!). Challenge your child: ask them to do it in French!   You can ask...

Regie Routman in the Classroom

October 09, 2015
We are integrating the wise wisdom of Regie Routman into our classroom practices for writing (and reading, too!). Check out Regie Routman's website for more information on this wonderful way of teaching!​ 
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7 Teachings

October 08, 2015
​We have had a special guest in the classroom! Mrs. Gingera has graciously come in to share some of the 7 sacred teachings with us through story telling, books and video. So far we have learned about the Beaver who represents wisdom and the Eagle who represents love. As we continue...
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iPads & Word Families

October 05, 2015
Here in Room 1, we have started to use the iPads as a learning tool! How exciting! We spent some time with one of the Apps called "Word Families," working on (you guessed it) WORD FAMILIES! An example of a word family is the "-at" family. Words that can be in...
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Eagle Eye

September 16, 2015
Use this reading strategy to help identify letters, sounds and words when you are just ​learning to read! Eagle Eye is VERY observant.  
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Reading Strategies

September 16, 2015
In our classroom, we have reading strategies posted to help every learner succeed with their reading! There are 8 in total and from time to time there will be a featured reading strategy. Stay tuned for which strategy is featured first! :) ​
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Our FIRST Piece of Grade 1 Writing!

September 15, 2015
Come and see our first piece of Grade 1 writing for the year- our shared write! As a class we thought up what fun activities our school mascot, Sunny Soleil did during summer vacation. We had all sorts of ideas and made a great story with them. Hope you enjoy!

Specialist Classes

September 03, 2015
Our specialist classes are on the following days and times: Day 1/ jour 1: Gym/ gymnase , period 5 Day 2/ jour 2: Choir /chorale , period 3; Library​/ biblio, period 5; Music/ musique, period 8 Day 3/ jour 3: Gym/ gymnase, period 7 Day 4/ jour 4: Gym/ gymnase, period...

First Day of School!

September 03, 2015
​Welcome back- I am so excited to spend time with your child and begin our Grade 1 adventure together! :) Please be sure to send all supplies with your child on the first day. Merci! **NOTE that pencil boxes are NOT necessary for our classroom.