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 Grade 9 and 10 Social Studies


Welcome students and parents! REC students in grade nine social studies (Canada in The Contemporary World) will draw on learned knowledge and understanding when thinking critically, making informed decisions, and applying their understandings to their own lives and to the world around them. Grade 10 (Geographic Issues of the 21st Century) students will explore further the the physical and human geography of Canada in respect to its global position in our world today.

To contact me, please call the school office at 338-4611-6500, or email me at: ddekleva@retsd.mb.ca.



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Canada’s Physical Regions pp.pptx
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Chapter Five Questions Canada in the Contemporary World.docx
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Chapter one CCW.zip
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Chapter Two Reading Assignment CCW.docx
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charter assignment leagl size.docx
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Charter of rights revised 2017.pptx
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Climate  and physical Regions of Canada.docx
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demography notes for powerpoint.docx
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Demography power point.pptx
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Heritage project.docx
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KWL Geo.doc
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Law defintions adapted.docx
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Map of Canada assignment political and physical.docx
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Physical regions of Canada assignmentpdf.pdf
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social studies course outline 2017.docx
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YCJA overview web search worksheet.docx
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