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Why Do I Have To Go Outside for Phys.Ed?

October 09, 2015

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Scientists have found that spending significant time in the outdoors helps build healthier immune systems in children and social-emotional wellness. Few children are spending significant time outside. This is a loss for their immune systems, their sense of connection to the world around them, emotional and mental wellness, as well as experiencing different enviornments and possibilities of fun and communication with others.So many different connections and conversations between peers happen outside in and about nature than inside. One of my most valued things about being in nature is being reminded by what I see that everything changes and can return again. Nature reminds me to be patience, quiet and shows me evidence of strength. I am so encouraged when I see a small plant surviving in the cracks of rocks or encased in ice and still growing in the spring. It reminds me to be patient and that growth takes time.

In our Phys Ed programming we build in opportunities for your children, our students, to try new activities in different environments/seasons on different surfaces: tarmac, grass, ice, snow. We believe activity outside is essential physically, socially and emotionally. We hope to expose your child to some activities they will choose to do lifelong. We believe that, living in Winnipeg with our winter months, opportunities to participate in cross-country skiing or skating will help your child be physically active and socially active with their peers for life.

Please support your child by reminding them to dress warm for success with mitts, boots and warm pants. Please encourage them with a supportive attitude towards trying new things in a new environment. We are mindful of the division guidelines for wind chill but do go out to enjoy the environment on cold days too. In different seasons, whether we are playing lacrosse or cross country skiing, we always see birds, bugs, feel and breathe the fresh air, as well as enjoy the sun, clouds, puddles and different types of snow. Our aim is to help your child enjoy their experience outside with their peers. Please know even if your child is reluctant at first they are always more cheerful and smiling after a full period of Phys Ed. 

We get to hear and see their laughter and enjoyment, even if their feet got a bit wet, their hands got a bit cold, grass stains happened or a skinned knee. "Wow that was fun!" can be heard in the halls....or my favourite "Wow, that was actually fun." (Spoken with disbelief and amazement)  We also get to see how fast and eager your child reports to our Outdoor Pursuits equipment room to start the second class of a new activity. Our hope is that eventually everyone will benefit, either physically, socially or emotionally, from activities outside in Phys Ed .........and encounter fresh air of all temperatures.         

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