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Welcome to my website! Students and their parents/guardians will be able to access information about students' courses through my teacher website.

This 2019-2020 school year I will be teaching: English Language Arts 10F, English Literary Focus 30SP-AP, English Comprehensive Focus 30S, and English Transactional Focus 40S.

Here you will find information about what is happening in my class(es). I will be using the Announcement area for posting information about upcoming events or special projects in my classroom. The Featured Links will direct you to other places on the web that students in my classroom are encouraged to visit and participate.

In the future I will be giving students access to other areas like Classes & Assignments, Class Blogs & Wikis along with a Discussion Board where students will participate in discourse.

To contact me or to make an appointment, please call the school office at (204) 667-2960 (ext. 4354), or email me at: lvaughan@retsd.mb.ca




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Animal Farm  Study Guide Chapter Questions.pdf
2/6/2015 11:19 AMLarein Vaughan
Animal Farm Chapter Five Questions.docx
2/12/2015 12:04 PMLarein Vaughan
Animal Farm Chapter Two Questions.docx
2/9/2015 10:27 AMLarein Vaughan
Animal Farm Into the Literature Creating Context pages 1-10.pdf
2/6/2015 11:19 AMLarein Vaughan
Animal Farm Journal Topics Power-Corruption.docx
2/12/2015 12:05 PMLarein Vaughan
animal farm politics2.doc
2/4/2015 10:14 AMLarein Vaughan
Animal Farm Russian Revolution Page 3.pdf
2/6/2015 11:19 AMLarein Vaughan
animal farm Russian Revolution.doc
2/4/2015 10:09 AMLarein Vaughan
Animal Farm-Canadian Political Parties.doc
2/6/2015 11:19 AMLarein Vaughan
English 30 Comp Outline January 2015.docx
2/4/2015 10:03 AMLarein Vaughan
Essay Checklist.docx
2/4/2015 10:29 AMLarein Vaughan
2/4/2015 10:29 AMLarein Vaughan
Essay Rubric Thematic Essay Five Point Scale.docx
2/4/2015 10:29 AMLarein Vaughan
essayA Guide to Writing the Literary Analysis Essay.docx
2/4/2015 10:29 AMLarein Vaughan
essayA Guide to Writing the Literary Analysis Essay.pdf
2/4/2015 10:01 AMLarein Vaughan


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