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Meditating helps students get better grades

By news agencies 10:31AM BST 12 Apr 2013

Meditating for just six minutes before going to lectures could help students get better grades, according to research.

A study of university students in California found that those who practised the art of Zen scored better on tests, reports journal Mindfulness.

They also found students who meditated before classes were able to focus better and concentrate for longer.

In one experiment, the meditation even predicted which students passed and which students failed the quiz.

The research was found to work better on first year students, leading researchers to speculate that younger students who struggle to concentrate could benefit more from meditation.

George Mason University, Virgina, professor Robert Youmans, who co-lead the study with University of Illinois doctoral student Jared Ramsburg, said: "One difficulty for researchers who study meditation is that the supposed benefits of meditation do not always replicate across different studies or populations, and so we have been trying to figure out why.



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