Lindsay Dudeck
creating student success

Miss Dudeck

École Salisbury Morse Place School

Room 17

Grade 4/5: 2019-2020

Here you will find content relating to a wide variety of subjects, interests, learning needs, and more! 

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To contact me, please call the school office at 204-668-9304 or email me at

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I spy Covid 19.jpeg
4/12/2020 9:14 PMLindsay Dudeck
I spy fruits and veggies.jpeg
4/16/2020 9:30 AMLindsay Dudeck
Math Dice Game- Connect 3.pdf
4/16/2020 11:11 AMLindsay Dudeck
Math Dice Game- Over the Hill.pdf
4/16/2020 11:07 AMLindsay Dudeck
Math Dice Game-PIG.pdf
4/16/2020 11:05 AMLindsay Dudeck